Why Forage & Graze?

Forage & Graze isn’t about fad diets. We are simply reverting to foods that we instinctively know are good for us: clean, whole foods that are nutrient-dense and that our bodies are genetically designed to eat for optimal health and performance.

We don’t believe there is one way of eating for everyone but we are passionate about providing healthy options. We’ve taken the basic premise of clean eating, and combined this with a good dose of healthy fats, which works for us. Everyone should take charge of their health, and this means finding a way of eating that works for you and makes you feel great.

The basic principle of clean eating is simply consuming natural, clean, whole foods, without any artificial additives. These are foods that have been around for millennia – meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds – nothing processed and certainly nothing with dodgy ingredients that you can’t pronounce or numbers on the label.

Over the years, modern farming and processing technologies have seen people consume more grains, legumes, dairy, trans-fats and sugars than ever before. It’s fair to say it’s been a pretty hectic time for the human body! With all of this change to our food sources, one thing has remained the same – our bodies and our ability to digest and assimilate these new food sources.

And with this increase in processed foods, we’ve also seen a huge increase in many diseases and health issues. I’m sure you can all see where we’re going here… we don’t think this is just a coincidence!

At Forage & Graze we focus on whole foods and believe this simple way of eating will help to keep you lean, strong, boost your immunity and keep you full of energy. Throw in some moderate exercise, plenty of sleep and sunlight and you’ll be feeling like a box of birds!

Forage & Graze products have been handmade in New Zealand with love and care for people like you and I, looking for grain free options, or anyone simply looking for clean, healthy, whole foods for themselves, friends and family. And we deliver direct to your home or office because healthy eating should be accessible and convenient.

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