Cheeky Chilli & Mango Wild Mix

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We?re excited about this all-new product, initially designed with fitness fanatics in mind, but also perfect for anyone looking for a convenient snack that is gluten free & Paleo friendly.

Made from a carefully-selected mix of New Zealand grass-fed beef biltong with natural seasoning, combined with raw nuts, seeds and a touch of dried fruit, these packs are the perfect pre or post-workout snack.

Wild Mix packs are high in both protein and good fats, and are vacuum sealed for optimum freshness and convenience. Throw one in your gym bag, take to the office or have in the car to keep those hunger pangs at bay. They?re perfect for the great outdoors, take them camping, hiking, biking or surfing. Also great for golfers, tennis players, rugby players (and fans), and of course our Crossfit, boxing and gym junkies, pretty much anyone looking for a perfectly balanced, convenient and healthy snack.

As with all Forage & Graze products, our Wild Mix packs are free from grains, refined sugar and dairy, making them a naturally gluten free snack and the perfect fix for a natural energy injection.

Pack size: 60g

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