We have decided to write a little bit more in depth about our products. Over the next while we will put up some articles about our products and a little bit of research on some of our ingredients.

We are not qualified nutrition experts but we are wives, mothers, ultra runners and crossfitters and we understand the need to fuel our bodies (and our families) in a way that gets the most out of them; we are not strict on anything but believe that the food you eat impacts on not just your “weight/shape/size” but also your mental & emotional health.  Only you can decipher what your body likes; what your body thrives on and what your body deserves.

To start we will cover our most popular product, Granola.

Our Granola ingredients are mainly sourced through Ceres Organics but we do source our dried blueberries from Rotorua and our honey from Southland. We use organic ingredients where we can along with Pure Canadian Maple Syrup (this has the tick of approval from a Quebec native as well!). Our ingredients are weighed out, mixed up and baked in the oven, stirring it a couple of times to ensure a nice even bake.

Our granola is a combination of nuts, flaxseeds, fruit spices and honey or maple syrup. You can eat it any time of the day – its not just a breakfast food any longer! Its nutritious, lightweight and high in calories, making it ideal for hikers, backpackers or campers.  As we have found too, its easy to pack and ideal for kids lunch boxes!

Our Granola is naturally gluten free, dairy free & refined sugar free and tasty to boot!



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We believe our Granola is a favourite because it not only tastes good but is good for us – much preferable to the sugar laden breakfast products/snacks that are in our supermarket. We pride ourselves on making a premium product in small batches that will fuel your body to get through the day but is still tasty enough to get the kids’ seal of approval as well!

Eat the way our ancestors did and feed your body the fuel it needs to get through the day!

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