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We are a couple of ladies who are wives, mums, cross-fitters, ultra runners & part time workers (on top of our passion that is Forage & Graze). Our journey into Forage & Graze began with a challenge at our Crossfit Box to clean up our eating habits – we embraced the challenge and here we are: making, baking & bagging our products that we believe can be part of a healthy lifestyle along with family time, exercise & sleep to be the best you that you can be!!

At Forage & Graze our premise is simple, real food without any artificial nasties. Based on the Paleo principal of whole food ingredients, all Forage & Graze products are naturally free from grains, refined sugar and dairy.  You won’t find anything processed or artificial in any of our products, and you certainly won’t see numbers or ingredients you can’t pronounce in our food labels.  All you will find is whole foods that your body instinctively knows how to process.

Our range includes Granola, Trail Mix, Biltong & a new exciting product we’ve called Wild Mix.

Our most popular product is our Granola which comes in two flavours.  It is a tasty mix of nuts, seeds & dried fruit sweetened with either New Zealand honey or pure maple syrup.  Our Granola is naturally grain & dairy free which can be eaten for breakfast or as a snack.  Pop some in the kids’ lunch boxes, have some at your desk to get you through to 5pm or take it away on your weekend adventures.  The nutrient dense ingredients will keep your body fuelled to get you through the day. Check out some of the ideas to use your Granola in our recipes section.

Our Trail Mix combines raw nuts, seeds, organic dried fruit & coconut to give you an indulgent little mix of goodness in one bag. Perfect to take on the trails of New Zealand, send with the kids on school camp, post workout snack or just have in the car!

Make sure you try our Biltong! NZ grass fed beef at its finest. This naturally seasoned Biltong is a perfect savoury on-the-go snack that is light but packs a punch in the protein department.  We vacuum pack our Biltong to ensure it stays tasting delicious no matter where in the country we send it.

And for something a little different, Forage & Graze has developed an exciting new product called Wild Mix – a combination of NZ grass fed beef biltong, raw nuts, seeds & organic dried fruit. These little guys are high in protein and a source of good fats.  Perfect as pre or post workout fuel, throw a couple in your gym bag, take to work, have in the car or the great outdoors that is New Zealand. We vacuum seal the biltong for optimum freshness –  for you to add to your mix of nuts, seeds & fruit when you are ready.

If you are looking for healthy protein, healthy fats, healthy eating on the go, Forage & Graze has the perfect fuel to get you through the day. With nutrition and ingredient quality at the top of our list, we are more than just a snack food company, we are encouraging people to improve their health by re-introducing whole food ingredients, keeping your body moving, get outdoors with friends and family, enjoy sleep and soak up the sun – give our products a try and see the benefits for yourself.  One small change in your eating habits can create a lifetime of healthy eating, create a positive role model for your children and make you feel better inside and out!

Our products have been handmade in New Zealand with love and care for people like you and I, looking for grain, dairy & refined sugar free options or anyone simply looking for clean, healthy whole foods for themselves, family & friends. We deliver direct to your home or office because healthy eating should be accessible and convenient.

Eat the way our ancestors did and feed your body the fuel it needs to get through the day!

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