Chocolate Bark with Granola

To make this Chocolate Bark you only need two ingredients!

  1. 100g Organic Dark Chocolate (at least 70%) we like to use Blacks Organic Dark
  2. Granola – we used our Berry Good Granola.  No real measurement, it is just how much crunch you want in your chocolate

Melt chocolate in a microwave proof dish/bowl/jug in 30 second bursts – after each burst, stir your chocolate using a dry butter knife until fully melted.

Add your Granola – try 1/2 cup first, mix through the chocolate and see how you like it.  Add more if you would like.

Line a slice tin or spread some baking paper on a flat tray.  Pour the chocolate mixture into tin/onto tray.

Sprinkle some more Granola on top – smaller bits are better. Press down gently with the back of a spoon.

Put in the fridge to set.  Once set, break up into pieces and enjoy!

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